New York DWI Lawyer

A conviction for DUI can have ramifications that affect every aspect of your life. The only way to protect yourself from harsh consequences is to work with a New York DWI lawyer who can provide an effective defense.

At Kelly & Rubin, LLP., our attorneys take forceful action to protect our clients’ freedom and rights. As former prosecutors, our attorneys have the ability to analyze your case from the perspective of opposing counsel. As a result, we are able to negotiate effectively with prosecutors and anticipate the arguments they are likely to present at trial. We have been representing New Yorkers like you since 1993.

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Get The Information You Need

Every DWI case is different, making it important for you to get legal advice that is applicable to your situation. In a consultation, a lawyer can answer frequently asked questions about DWI offenses and work to understand the circumstances of your arrest to find possible weaknesses in the state’s case against you.

You can learn about:

  • The DWI legal process
  • The cost of a DWI
  • How a DWI affects insurance
  • New York legal alcohol limits

Understanding DWI Laws

New York City has detailed DWI laws that are used to determine how intoxicated driving charges will be prosecuted. These statutes, which include Leandra’s law, designate offenses based in large part based on prior convictions and a person’s blood alcohol level at the time of an arrest.

Drunk driving charges include:

  • First DWI offense
  • Second DWI offense
  • Aggravated DWI
  • Felony DWI
  • DWAI
  • DWAI drugs

What Are The Consequences Of Drunk Driving?

In New York City, DWI penalties are severe for everyone, whether you are under 21 or over 21, a first-time offender or a repeat offender, a commercial driver or regular commuter.

If you are facing an intoxicated driving charge, DWI penalties you may face include:

  • Driver’s license suspension and revocation
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • DWI fines

Contesting A Driving While Intoxicated Charge

Some people who are arrested for DWI feel resigned to the fact that they will be found guilty no matter what they do. This   may not be the case, however. A DWI defense lawyer can examine the specifics of your case and determine the best legal arguments for fighting the charges against you.

An attorney can help you effectively contest the charges against you by:

  • Questioning the results of Breathalyzer tests
  • Undermining the credibility of field sobriety assessments
  • Challenging the results of blood tests
  • Questioning an officer’s probable cause in a DWI stop

Contact A New York City DWI Lawyer

Being convicted of DWI or DWAI can come with heavy punishments that can impact your life for months and years to come. In addition to state-mandated penalties, the damage to your reputation may never be undone, potentially harming your social life and career prospects. An attorney will do everything possible to help you avoid these consequences.

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